Wedding Cupcake Toppers

The beautiful union of two souls is ceremonially celebrated. Some are lavish with modernity and some are rustic in spirit, but the main theme of a wedding is always intimate, reflected through food selection and decoration. Since cupcakes are an integral part of such occasions, garnishing them with meaningful toppers adds a personal touch. Incorporating such details into the planning also works well on anniversary parties. While miniature bride and groom dolls, Mr. and Mrs. writtings in golden glitters could be generic choices for all, monograms/initials of the couple, something representing the season of the wedding, or the anniversary year as toppers are vintage, certainly more personal, and in tune with the theme.

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As cupcakes are quite small, customized toppers can make them memorable for a long time. Instead of throwing them afterward, they can be considered as nice souvenirs of the celebration.

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