Fishing Cake and Cupcake Toppers

Fishing Cake Toppers

The fishing theme gives a colorful insight into the possibility of cake decoration ideas. While the wedding fishing cake includes either bride or groom or both as a couple funnily hunting and fishing carp or any other fish with the help of fishing tackle, birthday, graduation, or homecoming party cakes often give a tropical vibe with its fishing theme. Sometimes a scene of an old man or a young lad, sitting on a rocky base and fishing are elaborately incorporated as a topper. Either printable or edible, they are colorful with sea green hues, sometimes with ‘Gone Fishing’ writings.

Boy Fishing Cake Topper
Bride Fishing Cake Topper
Cake Toppers Fishing Theme
Fish Cake Toppers Decorations
Fishing Birthday Cake Toppers
Fishing Cake Toppers
Fishing Groom and Bride Cake Topper
Fishing Themed Cake Toppers
Fly Fishing Cake Topper
Little Boy Fishing Cake Topper
Man Fishing Cake Topper
Bride and Groom Fishing Cake Topper
Ice Fishing Cake Topper

Fishing Cupcake Toppers

For cupcakes, toppers get lesser space than usual, so integrating a fish or some writings can prove to be better decorations. If they are to be edible then icing with the fishing theme is must, but if there is no such requirement then there are plenty of images to print out from. Clownfish from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ is an easily relatable one for kids, so, that could be used as a fondant topper.

Fishing Cupcake Toppers
Fishing Pole Cupcake Toppers
Fishing Themed Cupcake Toppers
Fondant Fish Cupcake Toppers

The fishing theme for toppers is quite interesting as there are ample ideas. There is an utmost liberty to experiment with the color of fish, fisherman or anglers, or the nature surrounding the pond or lake.

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