About Us

A good cake is almost synonymous with happiness, and here on LittleBCakes.com, we are trying to spread that happiness a little further. With more than one baker on the team (and they are perfectionists – like all the bakers of the world), we understand how serious the matter of cake is. It’s not some random dessert, it’s a representation of your thoughts and love for your dear one. It’s what makes the ‘party’ a Party! 

Here you will find hundreds of ideas and easy-to-follow recipes for all sorts of cakes. Whether you want to order the cake of your heart or finally give baking a try, you will find what you are looking for. And that’s not where it ends, because baking a cake is just the beginning. So, check out the decorating ideas, and accessories too. 

After all, where there’s cake, there’s hope. And there’s always cake!